Becoming a Morning Person … or not

So my quest to become a morning person isn’t going so well.  I find myself both unable and sometimes unwilling to go to bed early and my commitment to becoming a morning person is starting to wane, even though sleeping in late is no longer an option (whose bright idea was it to get a cow, anyway?!)

I really do think that some people are hard-wired to be “morning people” and others are not.  Every time I hear some morning person telling me how “energized” I’d feel if I’d just “go to bed early” and how sunrise is the time when people are “most creative” I wonder what “people” they’ve been talking to, because it’s certainly not me!  Jon always laughs when I tell him I feel like I’m missing something if I go to bed early, but I’m beginning to think that what I feel I’m “missing” isn’t some activity I want to be a part of, but my own energy and creativity which seems only to express itself in the wee hours of the morning (12am, that is.)  And I’m not the only one – there’s even a psychological term for it: Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder.  (I don’t know where we’d be if psychologists weren’t around to label [and medicate] everything for us.  But that’s a rant for another blog post.)  Nevertheless, some of the most creative people I know are night owls.

(…Which is probably why the most successful people are early risers.)  ;)

Nevertheless, I’m not giving up!  I’m convinced there is a lot to be gained by getting up early, and I still enjoy being “up with the cow,” so I’m determined to keep trying!  And while I’m at it, I may just start another new habit.

I may become a very dedicated coffee drinker..


(And just a little gem I found this morning: while studies say that morning people are more proactive and do better in business, night people are smarter, more creative and have a better sense of humor thankyouverymuch.)

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