Goodbye, D’Clair


We sold two of our goats yesterday and I never, ever want to do that again!  The funny thing is, I’ve found new homes for dogs who’ve been in our family for years with less tears than I shed over that goat (I didn’t mind selling the buck, it was the doe I was so heartbroken over.)  I don’t know if it was sentimental (my dad bought those goats for me) or what, but if the people who bought them didn’t live so far away, I’m fairly certain I’d be on my way there right now to buy her back!

The crazy thing is that this is the reality of the life Jon and I have chosen for ourselves and our family.  We can’t keep ALL of the animals we have – I wouldn’t even WANT to (we plan to butcher many of them…. at least we planned to, that is!)  And I’d been toying with the idea of finding a home for this particular doe for a while now, because she has a deformed udder and really isn’t good for milking (we got about two cups a day from her.)  I was hoping to find her a home where she could live out her days as somebody’s “pet” (which is exactly what we found for her!)  But I didn’t realize until she was gone that I wanted that “somebody” to be me!!!

What is wrong with me?!  How many times have I reminded the kids that “these aren’t pets?”  Geez.

Anyway, her new owners sent me pictures today and that really helped.  I still miss her, but I’m glad to know she’s in such a great place, and I’m glad that she has her old friend Looney with her.  I still wish she were here, though.

Maybe I should have just stuck with chickens.


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4 Responses to Goodbye, D’Clair

  1. Patti Milam says:

    If you think selling them is hard, wait until you butcher them.

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