Name That Sheep!

As much as I enjoy having sheep, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to manage our time a little better and rotationally grazing five sets of animals every day is not very efficient.  So this week, we decided to try putting the sheep in with the goats.  Or, rather, putting the baby sheep with the goats.  The adult sheep need to be bred again, so they’re living with the ram (and besides, the adult ewes are crazy and hopefully this will give me a chance to tame the babies!)


heading to new pasture! See the path they’ve made? They all walk the same line, day after day.

So far, so good!  Although the sheep are staying far, far away from the goats most of the time, they’re already acting much friendlier toward us without the grown-ups around (two of them we bottle fed, but one was getting more and more wild the longer she stayed with the big sheep) and I’ve cut down at least ONE fence rotation.  The other will have to wait until we’re ready to send our ram off to freezer camp.  We also have future plans to move the sheep and goats in with the cow (right now a full acre and a half of the land we’re leasing is covered in weeds, and is unsuitable for the cow but perfect for the goats.)


Even Jon has a favorite!

Anyway, now that the little sheep are away from the big sheep, I was able to get a picture of our little boy who still needs a name!  I thought it might be fun to let readers name our sheep!  So far, all of the sheep have nature names like Meadow, Ivy, Cedar and Whisper (not quite a “nature” name, but she was a bottle baby who lived in the house and we were hoping she’d exemplify her name!)  We’d like to stick with that theme, but other than that, the floor is open to suggestions, and the kids are going to vote on the winner!  (I feel like I should offer some sort of prize here, but I have no idea what that could be.  A dozen eggs?  Chickens aren’t laying yet.  A pound of butter or milk from our cow?  Not sure that’s legal.  But if you suggest a name, you’ll be providing entertainment for six kids, and that’s a reward in itself, right?)

Here is the little boy in question, pictured with his sister (he’s the bigger one):


Isn’t he cute?  What do you think… name suggestions, anyone?

Oh – and while we’re on the subject of names, we have two kittens (unrelated) who also need names!  I don’t have a picture of the first (she’s all black) but the second one was in yesterdays post.  In case you missed it, here she is:


No themes necessary for the cats.  Most of our cats have names like “Mamma Cat” and “Camel Cat” (because he arches his back when he fights), and the kids suggested the name “Blackie” for the black kitten.  I’m hoping you guys might be able to help us think of something a little more original!

Let the fun begin!

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2 Responses to Name That Sheep!

  1. Corrie says:

    What about Maple for the boy sheep?