Still so sad…

It’s going on three days now and I have still not gotten over selling D’Clair.  Everything in me wants to load the kids in the van right now and bring her back home!  Her new owner just emailed me to tell me that she’s doing fine, but I just can’t seem to get over it.  I feel somewhat ridiculous, and maybe I’m personifying things a little too much, but D’Clair is eight years old and she has lived with the same herd her entire life. Her mom and two of her daughters (one adult she’s lived with her whole life, and one doeling) are here with us and I sold her – BY HERSELF – into a herd with full-sized goats! (The buck went with her, but the buck is living separately from her and he’s used to making new guy friends.) I feel absolutely horrible that we took her away from her family and I feel like I never should have let her leave us. I’m seriously considering emailing her owner to ask if we can have her back – I’d even trade her for a doeling, once our girls give birth this fall!

Am I crazy???

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  1. Connie and Mike says:

    We think Walnut for the buckling – he’s almost the right color – and Mahogany for the doeling. Mike does wood turnings in the winter. :-)

    • Rina says:

      those names are perfect!!! Thank you so much for everything you have done, Connie and Mike. I can never, ever thank you enough and I’m so grateful, not just to have D’Clair back, but to have met such wonderful friends! I am so thankful for you both.

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