Repeat after me (er…. you): It’s not time for wool sheep, it’s not time for wool sheep!

Yes, I am fighting to convince myself that I do not need an animal who will not only require the regular maintenance all our animals need such as feeding, watering, fence rotating, medicating (with herbs… herbaling?), hoof trimming, etc. but will also require twice yearly shearing and, if I want to do anything with that wool, carding, washing, spinning, etc.  But I’ve been reading farming blogs in my spare time, lately (see?  I have spare time!  Why not devote all that time to sheep?!!!) and I’m slowly losing the battle in the face of pictures like this, from Ingleside Icelandic Sheep:

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Don’t these make you want one or two (or twenty or thirty!) of those beautiful creatures gracing your front lawn?  And to make things worse, I’m reading things like this, by Antiquity Oaks Farm:

It is so exciting to have a scarf that I knitted from yarn that Katherine spun from wool that grew on our sheep named White Feather. When I look at clothing in a store, I wonder if the person who sewed it was paid a living wage; and if it contains animal fiber, I wonder if the animal was treated humanely. I wonder what type of chemicals were used to process the fiber. But I know everything about this scarf. I know that White Feather has had ram-ewe twins for the past two years, and she’s the friendliest sheep on our farm. She loves to be scratched on her head. Katherine loves spinning, and she was happy to spin the yarn for me. No chemicals were used in processing, and there is the occasional bit of straw stuck in the wool to remind me just how natural it is. Making my own scarf from scratch is one of the things that is so wonderful about our life out here.


Some day!  Until then, I’ll content myself with knowing where my milk comes from, and making butter from scratch.  :)

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