House Call

The vet came by today to check on our animals… Lucy was limping this morning, and although she stopped limping later this afternoon, we decided to go ahead and have her looked at because she’s also dropped some in milk production (usually a sign of illness or pain) and her hoof is still red and puffy from the last time she was having problems.  He also took a look at Mocha who, although she is now on a SECOND round of antibiotics, is showing no signs of improvement.

The verdict?  Lucy has an infection in her hoof (treatable with antibiotics, which we put her on [we tried to treat this homeopathically once before with limited success,]) and we still aren’t any closer to understanding what is going on with Mocha.  Tomorrow, we’re taking her to a vet in Elkton, KY, who deals with goats in hopes that she might be able to figure out what is going on.  We’re praying she pulls through.

On a lighter note, today I learned how a cow is tested for pregnancy.  With the advances in technology and medicine, I was under the mistaken assumption that they did something modern and  civilized like drawing blood, taking a urine sample or monitoring her belly with a portable ultrasound device.  What I found, instead, was something straight out of a James Herriot book. Want to know how they pregnancy test a cow?    Here’s a picture:

(not my picture… I briefly considered taking a picture while our vet was here but thought against it.  We don’t need any more reasons for people to think we’re crazy.)

Poor, poor Lucy.  But you know, she really didn’t take it so badly!  As the vet was preparing for the “procedure,” Lucy was dancing around trying to get away and I asked if he needed help holding her.  He responded “No no.  As soon as she realizes what I’m doing, she’ll settle down.”  Oh.  Of course.  Because having an arm elbow-deep inside her rectum would obviously make everything better.  And you know what’s crazy?  He was right!

And Lucy is pregnant!!!

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