Holding On – and blessed

This has been one crazy week.  In the midst of sick animals, broken down appliances and cars (our van still isn’t fixed and we still haven’t replaced the oven),  we woke up to about three inches of water all over our entire basement floor.  The good news?  We’ve been wanting to clean out our basement for a while now, so it’s finally getting done.

The vet called today and thinks that our little goat, Mocha, has an ulcer.  She says they can be caused by feeding too much grain (we don’t feed her any grain so that’s not it) or stress (possible, since we only got her a few months ago and she’s undergone moves to two new herds in the past few months) and sometimes they can “just happen.”  Either way, all we can do is wait and see what happens.  In the meantime, she’s being treated with IV antibiotics for a secondary infection and she’s still eating and drinking, so we’re hopeful.  She’s staying with the vet in Elkton now, so when she gets home, we’ll keep her away from the other animals and try to keep things as calm for her as we can.

Our cow is still limping – our vet says that it might just take a little while for her hoof to heal, but if it’s not better by Monday he’ll need to come out again and give her a second round of antibiotics.

Today we noticed that another goat, Mini Pearl, has an abscess on her face, which will need to be drained and tested for a nasty disease called Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL.)  CL is untreatable and can infect the entire herd if it were to spread.  We’re praying she doesn’t have it.

All in all, though, I’m feeling blessed to be where we’re at.  A little overwhelmed, but mostly “calm in the midst of the storm.”  Sometimes I wonder if I would appreciate Spring and Fall so much if there weren’t a Winter and Summer to balance them out.  For every beautiful herd of wild deer in the forest, there are a pack of hungry wolves.  If we could see what we call the “bad” things through His eyes, I think we would appreciate how intricately they work together with the “good,” according to His purposes.

My life is but a weaving
Between my God and me.
I cannot choose the colors
He weaveth steadily.
Oft’ times He weaveth sorrow;
And I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper
And I the underside.
Not ’til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Will God unroll the canvas
And reveal the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful
In the weaver’s skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned
He knows, He loves, He cares;
Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives the very best to those
Who leave the choice to Him.

– Corrie Ten Boom

For we know that all things work together for good for those who love and serve the Lord (Romans 8:28)

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