Another Update on Mocha

I’ve really been praying for our little goat, Mocha, and know that a few of our friends are praying, too!  This morning, I “sat down with God” (so to speak) and in a quiet moment of faith simply asked Him to do what He’s been doing all along.  Provide.

Thus far, He’s provided financially for our animals every single step of the way, in ways I could never have imagined and most of the time by those who never knew we had a need.  This morning, I asked Him to provide in a new way.  To provide healing.

Today, the vet called me to update me on Mocha’s condition.  She’s still not well, but in the course of our conversation the vet actually told me that early this morning she had planned to call and recommend euthanizeation.  Mocha was doing incredibly poorly and wouldn’t even stand up.  But a few hours later, she stood up and began eating and acting, if not exactly normal, certainly better.

That is encouraging, on many, many levels.


PS.  It occurred to me today that at the very moment that Jon and I were having our horrible, faithless discussion about finances and animal health, provision was already in the mail, on it’s way to us.

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