Provision (Faithful with Little Farm, part 6)


Ask, and you shall receive …  you have not, because you ask not.

– Mat 7:7, James 4:3


We don’t have the money for a farm.


It’s just not there.

Maintenance alone on our animals – food, water, minerals… the daily things they have to have just to survive… we don’t have the money for it.  We have too many animals to support on Jon’s paycheck and I’ve been too busy to take on the number of photography sessions I used to take.  Although we do have some money coming in from things we’re selling off the farm, this week it became abundantly clear that it’s not enough to handle everything we need.

And yet…

It is.

A few weeks ago, I asked God to make the farm self-sufficient.  Or maybe “self” sufficient isn’t the right word… I asked God to pay for the farm Himself.  I asked Him to help us support the farm without us having to go into debt or use the money Jon makes.  The money Jon makes needs to go toward other things and it really can’t go toward the animals.  So I asked God to take care of it.

And he has.

Almost every single thing we have here has been given to us by friends and family – without our asking for it.  The fencing, feeders, houses, even many of the animals themselves… most of it was given to us.  As for their daily upkeep, we’re making enough from selling things to pay for the field we’re renting and my brother Shane (I got his permission to “out” him!  More on that, soon!)  has been sending us money every month which pays for their food and minerals.

But last week, things took a turn.  Three of our animals needed to see the vet.  Mocha was seen twice by our local vet and then we traveled almost two hours away to take her to a third vet and have her hospitalized. Thankfully, Jon had worked a lot of extra hours the week before so we knew that if we juggled some things around differently (things that really needed to be taken care of!) we would have the money.  But as Jon and I discussed it, I asked him to wait.  The vet bills weren’t due yet and I was asking God to take care of it.

Last night, Jon got a birthday card from his Aunt, Rita.  In it was the exact amount we were planning to set aside for the vet bills.  The exact amount.  In the card, she wrote that she was “increasing his birthday gift” in order to contribute toward the farm.

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend Patrick about Mini Pearl and discussing the “what if’s” regarding the abscess that needs to be tested.  He asked me:

“Did you ever sit down and consider all of this before you got the animals?  Did you ever count the costs?”

I answered that no, I hadn’t.  I was convinced that this is what God wanted us to do, and I was convinced that God would take care of everything.  “Why would I count the costs?  What would be the purpose of that?  God told me to do something, so I trusted Him to take care of it.”

He answered, “If you really believe that, then what are you worried about?  If you really believe that God is in this, then don’t you believe that God is taking care of all this, too?”

Yes.  Yes He is.


*Update: Neither Mini Pearl nor Mocha had CL.

To read a condensed version of this whole amazing, incredible farming story, click Here.


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