Twice as Much

When Mocha’s vet called to tell us that she had died of CL (and BOTH our vets were certain that’s what it was, based on preliminary autopsy results), I wrote the following, on the blog:

In the course of one phone call, everything we planned to do has come into question.  The Milk Enough project has come to a halt before it ever began.

Jon and I spent the rest of the week wondering where we should go from here.  I, personally, spent the week heartbroken and in tears over the failure of the project before it had even begun and the thought of having to put down these animals I love so much.  And although I was determined to pray and fight the spiritual battle, I was also prepared to lose it all.

And then….

Today, two phone calls have restored everything we thought we’d lost and taken us further than we were before Mocha’s death.

First, our vet called to tell us that Mini Pearl does NOT have CL (and neither did Mocha, in case you missed it.)  The abscess on her face was just due to a benign bacteria – nothing to worry about, nothing contagious, no reason to treat her any differently.

Second, the woman we got our second set of goats from told me today that when we go to pick up the fencing and other supplies she has for us, we need to bring a crate… because she is giving us two pregnant yearling does.  She was originally planning to keep them as pets, but things in her life have changed and she would like for us to have them.  They are both bred to our goat Legacy’s full brother (his pedigree is incredible, you can see it here on our farm page, since it’s the same as Legacy’s) and assuming all goes as expected, they’ll be due to kid in February.

When all of this first happened, and our vets were both telling us that Mocha had died of CL and we would have to treat the entire herd as if it were infected, I kept going back to the fact that God has been so obviously involved in this from the very beginning.  Never in my life have I ever experienced so many blessings, in such rapid succession.  NEVER have I been so positive about what I was doing I don’t think I’ve ever felt His involvement in my life over an extended period of time the way I’ve been feeling it since we started this project.  And when I thought we’d lost it all, I knew – I KNEW – God must have some incredible plan in mind.  But I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any doubts.

But I serve a God who can handle my questions, and my doubts.  I serve a God who doesn’t need my faith to work a miracle and is ever patient and understanding… and gentle with me.

Then the Lord returned to Job all the things that he had lost…  He gave Job twice as much as he had before.

– Job 42:10


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