Kidding Watch! (Well, almost)

LR 20130913-DSC_1802

any day now?

I’ve been wondering whether the goats we bred in May were actually pregnant, and now we have the first official sign that at least one of them is!  I mentioned before that I thought Kidzy was getting huge, but she seems to always be huge (we’ve been thinking she was pregnant on and off since she got here!) and no matter how often I check her for signs, I don’t seem to find any other indicators (which could very well be because I have very little knowledge of what I’m doing!)  Mini Colors, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as big as Kidzy, but her tail ligaments are definitely getting softer and her udder is filling with milk.  She’s also getting fairly grumpy with the other goats, so we know it’s about time to move her to a pen of her own (which we’ll probably do tomorrow.)

I checked my records (as spotty as they are) and as far as I can figure, based on the poor note keeping I did, the earliest she might kid would be September 29th.  She could technically go any time between then and the end of December, but from what I’m seeing (assuming I’m “reading” her correctly) she should kid sometime within the next few weeks.  Next time I’ll know to keep better records!

Speaking of next time, we have some decisions to make for our fall breeding – and soon!  We’ll be breeding five of our girls in October, and I still haven’t decided which of our two bucks to breed them with!  Probably ought to get on that.

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