Dr. Ching-Yi Lin

Dr. Ching-Yi Lin is the Director of the WKU Pre-College Strings Program at Western Kentucky University.  Along with her many incredible professional achievements, Dr. Lin is one of the most passionate, caring people we’ve had the privilege of getting to know through the WKU Pre-College Strings Program.  Her love for kids and her passion for teaching shows in everything she does, and she has worked incredibly hard to make the strings program what it is today.  In doing so, she has blessed our children and countless others in ways that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Ching-Yi, words can never express how grateful I am for the influence you have been in our lives.  You have blessed our family in more ways than I could even begin to describe, and we are so very, very thankful for you.


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One Response to Dr. Ching-Yi Lin

  1. Becky Simons says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of an absolutely beautiful person!! She has been such a blessing in our lives as well, she is a gift to the youth and music lovers of Bowling Green and surrounding areas!