Name that Kid!


Do not scroll down unless you are prepared to own a baby goat of your own.

ESPECIALLY do not scroll down if you have children in the room and you are not ready to own a baby goat.

You’ve been warned.

But if you DO decide to scroll down… the kids would really love to play another game of “Name That [Goat!]” It was really fun for them to get to pick out of the suggestions everyone made, last time, and they asked if I could put up a blog post and ask everyone to give suggestions again!

For a few different reasons, mostly for tracking purposes if we ever DO end up with a large herd of little goats (lets dream big, right?!) we’ve decided to go with names that reflect two things, this time.  First, we are looking at names that start with a C, because the goat registries assign every registered goat a tattoo number beginning with letters according to the year (C is the letter for 2013.)  It will also help me keep track of how old everyone is without having to look at paperwork (I don’t have the greatest memory in the world, so anything I can do to give myself a crutch is a good thing!)  Second, on their paperwork we’ll be indicating who the sire is by initials (ie. SHH Scotch) and we’d also like to name them after their dams, in a way.  For instance, Mama’s name is Mini Colors, so we’re thinking about color names for these kids.  We jumped on google and did a search for colors starting with the letter “C” and here’s a few we liked:

China Rose
Cotton Candy

If you can think of any other names that would go along with our theme, we’d love to know!  The kids in question….

LR 20131007-DSC_3010

LR 20131004-DSC_0074LR 20131007-DSC_3049

LR 20131007-DSC_3018 LR 20131007-DSC_3035    LR 20131004-DSC_0097LR 20131003-DSC_0006

 LR 20131007-DSC_3045  LR 20131007-DSC_3051 LR 20131007-DSC_3057

What’s your vote?

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5 Responses to Name that Kid!

  1. Lorraine Alfonso says:

    Crimson, Cobalt, Cinnamon, Champagne, Charcoal, Chartreuse

  2. Annie says:

    I scrolled down…. you’ve just about convinced me to get a baby goat! So cute!!
    I like China Rose and Cherry.

  3. Connie says:

    My thought was Chartreuse and call her Charlie.

  4. Rina says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions!!! I appreciate it very much – the kids are having so much fun with this! They’re going to pick their favorites on Friday, so there’s still time, if anyone else wants to make suggestions. So far, the top picks are:

    Annie and Grandpa’s suggestions of China Rose and Cherry, and Miss Michelle’s pick – Claret