Mini Pearl Chooses Her Man

Bunchkin let me know last night that Mini Pearl was acting as if she were in heat, so today we took her out on a “date.”  Our buck of choice for her was Legacy, whom we chose for the very consequential fact that we thought they’d make pretty babies (when I spoke with my mentor, Kathy, she told me that either of our bucks would be great for her, so we decided to be shallow about the whole thing.)  It soon became obvious, however, that Mini Pearl wanted something more than a pretty face as the father of her children.

LR 20131009-DSC_3316a

hi, how are ya?

We put Legacy and Pearl up in the honeymoon suite (a side of the doe pen we cleared out for this purpose – it was all very romantic) but she wanted nothing to do with him!  She was so unimpressed, in fact, that we quickly became concerned for Legacy’s safety!  After body slamming him into the wall a few times and overall demoralizing him against further attempts at lovemaking, we decided to give it a shot with the other buck, Genesis.

LR 20131009-DSC_3159a

how YOU doin?

The change was instantaneous and impressive!  Although she did butt him a few times, it could almost be described as flirting, comparatively, and after only a few seconds of introduction she was perfectly content to stand still while he claimed her as his own (which also took only a few seconds, but was repeated multiple times for the sheer fun of it all.)

We’re hoping it “took” and that the height difference wasn’t an obstacle, but I’m planning to call Kathy tonight to see if we should give it another go… hopefully Genesis won’t feel too emasculated if we bring something in for him to stand on.  I don’t think Pearl will mind a bit.

LR 20131009-DSC_3347a

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