And the winners are…..

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Name That Goat” contest!  The kids loved going through the names and voting on the winners, and I really appreciate everyone who gave a suggestion and made it fun for them (it doesn’t take much to entertain us.  :))  We now present to you………

20131011-DSC_3427Faithful With Little Claret

and her sister….

20131011-DSC_3481Faithful With Little China Rose

Thanks, Annie, Grandpa and Miss Michelle for those suggestions!!!

20131009-DSC_3413 20131009-DSC_3381

Remember the size difference between them that I mentioned?  Here you can really see how small China Rose is, compared to her sister…

20131011-DSC_3433 20131011-DSC_3503China Rose’s back is almost level with Claret’s belly, and I actually saw her walk right underneath her yesterday!


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2 Responses to And the winners are…..

  1. jamie jarboe says:

    Those goats are the CUTEST!!

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