Addendum to “Welfare not based on Christian values”

When I wrote the post yesterday about welfare and other government programs, it was a pretty off-the-cuff emotional vent about some things I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and it occurred to me today that in my ranting I may very well have hurt the people I’m angry on behalf of. The post I wrote yesterday wasn’t a rant against those who are using welfare or other benefit programs.  After all, what other choices are there?  If something were to happen to my husband tomorrow and he were no longer able to support our family, we would go on every government assistant program available to us in a heartbeat, if we thought that were the only way we could continue to support our family.  But why should that be the only way?  Why should that be the only option available to anyone in this country, where over 90% of the population claims Christianity as it’s religion?!

I’m disgusted at a church who has given up on their responsibility to care for those in need… 

I once asked a pastor of a very large church in Bowling Green if I could possibly get help in organizing a program to help the poor of our community with clothes and food.  I was told that there “wasn’t enough money” in the budget for such a thing.  Two weeks later, my choir leader told us about the plans to put a large video screen in the back of the church so that the choir members wouldn’t have to hold books in order to see the words of the songs they were singing.  Because million dollar sound systems, video equipment, and plushy chairs for church members to park their butts in for 1.5 hours each week (or less) are much more important than taking care of the widow, the orphan and the homeless.

I’m disgusted with a society who has lost a sense of community and traded relationships with people in favor of big industry…

We have given over one of our most important resources (food) over to organizations who don’t care about us.  If you lost your job right now, could you go to your local WalMart and ask them to help you through a difficult time, until you got back on your feet again?
And the crazy thing is, we don’t even think about it.  Buying beef and chicken covered in plastic and shipped halfway across the country is just what we do.  And we rely on the government to make sure it’s always available to us, just as we rely on the government to make sure the poor right down the road from us don’t go hungry, and that everyone has access to “heathcare” (along with the very foods that will make them sick.)

I’m disgusted with myself

How many people have I invited into my home to live with us, while they find a place to stay?  How many times have I volunteered at a local soup kitchen?  How many times have I gone into the poor neighborhoods of my town to ask how I can help?  The answer to each of those questions is the same.

So, if you’re on government assistance, I’m not judging you.  I’m part of the reason you’ve had to turn to the government in the first place.  And for that, you have my sincerest apologizes and my commitment to change.


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3 Responses to Addendum to “Welfare not based on Christian values”

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  2. jamesramirez says:

    Well said. The priorities that Churches have is not focused on what it should be all the time but this is human. We may never fully live by the standard that God has for us but by his grace we will try. Where I live I see a slow movement where Christians are trying to change their mind set to focus on what God wants them to do and leave the norm. Thanks for saying so much. God bless you and your family.

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