Bipolar Day


Today has been a day of major contrasting emotions and I really don’t want to write about it all because I don’t think I’d do any of the highs justice and I’d probably over-exaggerate  the lows.  So rather than hit the highs or the lows, I’ll just stick with the middle for now and make it all about Lucy, because it’s easier to write about her than it is to write about me, and she’s practically all I can think about right now, anyway.

First, we got Lucy a couple of blankets so she ought to stay much warmer and dryer tonight than she did last night (we’re working on figuring out a way to make a portable shelter… right now she can’t have access to hers, because the tractor can’t get in there.)  I always get worried at night time, not knowing how she’s doing, especially since she’s been able to move.  Three times now we’ve gone out in the morning and found her outside of her electric fence and I’m always worried that she’ll get caught in something, or land in a ditch or who-knows-what.  At least tonight I won’t worry about her being cold (although I’ll probably worry about her getting caught up in the blanket straps.  *Sigh*)  But God has been keeping her safe so far… I just need to be reminded of that every now and then.  :)

Second, I called the vet today (her skin is starting to break where the hip clamps go so I wanted to ask about that) and the receptionist said that it doesn’t sound like we’re going to have to keep lifting her for much longer.  This is the same receptionist who essentially told me two days ago that it was hopeless and that “a down Guernsey is a dead Guernsey” (this was the day I’d called them about 78 times asking about different things we could do for her.  My vet could probably make a fortune off me if he wanted to – the more I give Lucy, the better *I* feel!)  So it was really great to hear that.

Third, Lucy was up for five hours this morning, and is still up now after four hours!  She’s doing REALLY well!


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3 Responses to Bipolar Day

  1. Kristin says:

    I started out looking for information on Raleigh Farrell, a former professor of mine, and ended up reading about a lady’s cow. I hope your cow’s okay. How sweet was it that she lay her head on your lap. Take care. Lord Bless.

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