Our Newest Addition!

I have lots of good news to report today!

First, Claret is doing 100 times better… she literally went from being at death’s door (Jon and I were both getting up throughout the night to check on her, afraid that Bitty would wake up with a dead goat in her arms) to eating and drinking and running around as usual.  Our vet believes that the cold spell caused a drop in blood sugar (similar to what we originally thought happened to Lucy) and letting her sleep with Bitty probably saved her life.

Second, not only did Lucy get up on her own this morning, but she had her calf today and IT’S A GIRLl!!!  We are so excited!  I’ve helped deliver baby goats before, but delivering this calf was absolutely incredible… there really are no words.  I’ll write more about the whole thing later, but for now I’m exhausted and so I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our new addition!

 lr 20140126-DSC_4941 lr 20140126-DSC_4942lr 20140126-DSC_4930

It’s still VERY cold outside and we don’t have a barn, so we brought the calf inside, tonight.  (A goat in the girls room, a calf in the boys room… I feel like Dr. Doolittle!)  I don’t know if all calves are this calm and laid back, but she’s taken to us all wonderfully and we’re all in love with her.  The kids are especially excited about their new “pet!”

lr 20140126-DSC_4956

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3 Responses to Our Newest Addition!

  1. Connie says:

    I am SOOO happy for you all. And thankful to God for the gifts of health and life. What a blessing to have a heifer from Lucy! Love, prayers and happy thoughts your way. :-)

    • Rina says:

      Thank you, Connie!!! And if you’re wondering why I haven’t called… now you know. I’m exhausted! :) Hope to talk with you soon, though!

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