A New Dog!!!


our new puppy!


Well, it didn’t take long at all for us to find a dog, and there’s a pretty incredible story behind it all!…

About a week ago, I started calling a few people in the classifieds about German Shepherd dogs. Mostly, I was calling about adult dogs because puppies can be very expensive, especially if they’re from a good breeder. But I did call one man who had puppies because the picture of him with his dogs really interested me. In one picture, his dog was wearing a pack and in another he was fishing with is dogs off-leash beside him.  Obviously, his dogs were well trained and I felt he might be a good person to get information from.  I called and told him I didn’t want to waste his time and didn’t think we could afford a puppy, but wanted to ask him some questions about the breed. He and I talked for quite a while and he gave me some great information and pretty much sold us on the breed. At the end of the conversation, he told me that he had a puppy he thought would work really well for us. I asked how much the puppy was, and he said $800. Ouch. I told him I appreciated his time, but there was no way we could buy a dog for that amount. He said: “I never do this, but I really think this dog would be perfect for you and we really want him to go to a good home. Could you afford $600?” I didn’t think there was any way we could do that, either, but I told him I’d talk with Jon about it and get back with him.

The next morning, I got a call from the breeder (I’ll call him “Joe.”) He said he and his wife had been talking about it after we got off the phone and really wanted us to have this dog. Could we afford him for $400? At that point, I really felt like God was answering a prayer! In my opinion, $400 is not at all too much to pay for a dog from a good breeder, and both the kids and Jon told me that they’d been praying this exact thing would happen. But after I got off the phone with him, I had a terrible feeling of uneasiness.

Jon and I are trying hard to spend money very carefully right now, and there are some other important things going on right now that just made me feel like I could NOT spend that amount of money. The kids were pretty upset about this (because God had answered a prayer, and we weren’t going to take the dog!), but I asked them if it were possible that God had answered their prayer because he loves them and wants them to know He loves them, but not because we were actually supposed to get the dog. Then Jon related the story of David when he’s on the run from Saul and cries out for water from the well in the enemy camp. Three of his mighty men risk their lives to get it for him, but when they bring it back, he doesn’t drink it because of the sacrifice it took for his men to get it for him (2 Sam 23.) Jon said “maybe this is that kind of situation.”

I called the breeder back apologizing profusely and thanking him for what he was willing to do, but explained that we just couldn’t take the dog. I thought about asking him if I could pay less for the puppy, but in the end I felt that would be offensive, so I didn’t That was three days ago and in the meantime, I resigned myself to looking again for adult dogs and Jon and I prayed and settled on an amount that we felt comfortable paying ($200.) And yet, the whole time I was looking for dogs, I just kept coming back to that puppy over and over again. I was reading all these articles on training dogs and puppies and kept longing for a puppy whose whose history we knew, and whose formative years we could shape. I was also reading about how to pick out a dog with a good temperament, and again I kept coming back to the conversations I’d had with Joe about his dogs and the puppy he thought would be good for us. I kept asking God “isn’t there ANY way we can do this? Maybe our tax return would be $200 more than we thought it would be? Maybe Jon’s paycheck would be larger than normal? Something?!

Three nights later, I got the following email from Joe:

Rina is there anyway you could do $200 for a puppy…. I have saved the male that I feel would be best for your farm. I have been denying people from being able to purchase him because I believe you could give him a better home…

I called him right away and he told me that he’d had two different people come to buy that puppy and both times he told them “no” because he just kept feeling like it was OUR puppy.  Not only that, but he and his wife insisted on driving all the way to Bowling Green from Fort Campbell to bring him to us!!!

The next day, my dad called to tell me he was going to be sending us some money… guess how much he’s sending?

In one fell swoop, God not only provided us with a puppy for the exact amount we felt we could spend, He has also completely removed any trace of doubt as to whether a German Shepherd is the breed for us, or whether we should get a puppy or an adult dog. He’s made the way so incredibly clear, and I’m SO beyond excited and happy and thankful!!!



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