Wonderful Friends


Jamie and her family hold a very special place in my heart.  Friends through high school, we’ve kept in touch mainly via facebook, and got to see each other a few years ago for a photo shoot, when she was visiting from out of state.  In school, Jamie was always the girl with the biggest smile on her face, the sweetest, kindest personality who would do anything for anyone.  I’m glad to say she hasn’t changed at all, and it was really inspiring to see her interact with her children during our session.  She exudes kindness and patience and creativity in discipline.  I saw (and heard stories about!) her redirecting her kids in creative ways and it was a great reminder to me that while it’s important to tell my children what NOT to do, it’s equally important to give them things TO do!  (Thank you for that, Jamie!)  I’m happy to say that Jamie and her family have relocated back to Bowling Green (does it seem to anyone else that just about EVERYONE ends up back in Bowling Green?!) and is now working as an oncologist at Graves Gilbert Clinic.  I’m very blessed to call her a friend, and was very glad to get the chance to meet some of her family members, at this (long overdue!) photo session!  Here are her two beautiful children, and her niece!

14-09-Jarboe-8802-copy 14-09-Jarboe-8977-copy



14-09-Jarboe-9015-copy 14-09-Jarboe-8795-copy



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