Welcome, Ava Marie!


Last week, I had the privilege of photographing my very first niece!  I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but it was surreal to me, to hold my little brother’s baby in my arms (how is that even possible?!)  I felt as if she were familiar to me, and it seems to me that she shares features that some of my own children had at that age.  It was really beautiful and beyond description.  I’m so, SO glad that I got to photograph this precious little girl… I so look forward to watching her grow, and watching my brother and his sweet wife blossom into the amazing parents I know they’re going to be!










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3 Responses to Welcome, Ava Marie!

  1. Nancy Alfonso says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! So proud of our precious
    Granddaughter and our daughter Rina that
    Can take such gorgeous pictures!!

  2. Elizabeth Huddleston says:

    Beautiful granddaughter I have not got to have the opp. to see yet . Hope to have a visit soon. Love you Miss Ava Marie

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