Before you post that anti-cop meme…


Last night, a police officer shot a man who tried to shoplift an AR-15 assault rifle from a local sporting store.  Naturally, people sitting comfortably on living room couches and workplace desk chairs everywhere are giving their opinions on the matter.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen many, many comments condemning police officers for the things they’ve done while in the line of duty and I can’t help but think how hypocritical this criticism is.

You see, unlike myself, my husband, and most likely you, these officers have jobs that put them in the line of danger EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Unlike you and I, sitting on our couches or in our comfy office chairs at our 9-5 desk jobs, these men and women are RISKING. THEIR. LIVES. to protect those around them for a meager $50,000 per year.  Unlike you and I, whose major stress at work might be a grumpy coworker or demanding boss, cops deal every single day with criminals.  Criminals who, in many cases, wouldn’t hesitate to kill a cop or a civilian nearby.  These men and women are forced to make split-second decisions about situations that could potentially leave their wives and husbands without a spouse, their children without mothers and fathers. Do you really mean to say that police officers should stand around talking when faced with a criminal who is holding a gun?


Please tell me, those of you who have posted this ridiculous meme, what would you, sitting safely at your couch, your desk, your kitchen table, advise the officer, who faces the possibility of being killed every single day, to do when confronted with a suspect who pulls a gun, or something that looks very much like a gun?  See, it’s real easy for me to sit in comfort, accusing officers of using “excessive” force when I’ve never been in a deadly situation in my whole life.  It’s real easy for me to condemn a cop for shooting someone holding a toy gun when I’ve never physically confronted the evil in the world or faced a hostile criminal. 

Perhaps we should remember that before we go passing judgement on the men and women who risk their lives every day so that we can go to our safe, comfy desk jobs.





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3 Responses to Before you post that anti-cop meme…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ummm.. how about get a new job, that doesn’t require one to be in the line of fire and danger? Maybe a job that doesn’t entail violating the natural and constitutional rights of citizens in the name of safety and unjust law?
    Why support people who put themselves in bad situations voluntarily? It comes with the territory. If you’re going to pick up a gun and a badge and think that gives you the moral authority to shoot or beat people who don’t obey your commands, well then you also have to deal with putting yourself in danger because there are plenty of people who just ain’t going to put up with it.

    Why is it the duty of citizens to suspend reality, and justify bad behavior with with poor excuses about one’s choice of job. There are lots of professions out there that can help people in many more ways then our current policing system helps. How about becoming an attorney or a paralegal or social worker or a private investigator or a rehab specialists, or a sober house owner or fireman or an EMT or one of the many other thousands of jobs that help citizens yet don’t entail violating the rights of others or pointing guns at them as part of your job.

    It’s pretty simple. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I guess you totally missed the idea that being a cop is VOLUNTARY? Become a cop, be prepared to be critiqued by everyone who has managed to scratch out a living for themselves and their families WITHOUT running around with a firearm and arresting people for personal choice behavior… smh at the limited ability to critically think. Do you really think that ALL or even MOST of the criticism of policing in America is unwarranted? When you loved is beat to a pulp because low IQ cops mistook his diabetic attack behind the wheel as some form of beligerence because he didn’t respond to commands to get our the car, then let’s see where you stand for holding those cops accountable for their mistake. If I beat someone to pulp because I mistook their cry for help as a possible attack, I would be charged… maybe found innocent in court, maybe not. But why do cops get to forego this prosecution when THEY cause loss of health, life, property or liberty, but citizens dont? A badge, earned after only 6 weeks of academy, grants the individual extra rights that citizens don’t have? Huh? Seriously… brush up on your philosophy.

    • Rina says:

      Have you ever read the book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell? If not, you might find it interesting. In it, he talks about “how the human unconscious interprets events or cues and how past experiences can lead people to make informed decisions very rapidly.” After having read the book, I have a lot of sympathy for police officers who are forced to make snap decisions that affect the rest of their lives and those around them every single day. Sure, being a cop is voluntary, as is every profession. Does that mean we should criticize them for mistakes that we ourselves could just as easily make? I am truly sorry if such a mistake was ever made with a loved one of yours.