My Dream

Every week, my kids look forward to their “day” with the baby.  Contrary to popular belief (which seems to be that older kids will resent having to take care of their little brothers and sisters) my kids were having arguments over who would get to take care of her!  So, at the advice of one of our midwives, we decided to assign each of the older kids their own day with the baby (and on “their” day, they share her with one of their younger siblings.)

My oldest just looked up at me and said:

“What I love about having the baby in the carrier is that I can just lean my head down and kiss her whenever I want to.”

baby carrier

I took this picture after she said it, and she said I should entitle this post “my dream,” because: “I’ve been dreaming about carrying the baby around on my day!”

People who frown on large families really don’t know what they’re missing.


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