Zane and Aven

I haven’t gotten to see Zane and Aven since we took Aven’s newborn pictures, so I was really excited about this session!  On the way there, my second-oldest told me how excited she was, too, having been to all but one of their sessions, and when I got them on the computer, my oldest kept saying “they’ve gotten so big!”  That’s the part I love best – getting to see these kids as they grow over the years.  Apparently it’s the part my kids like best, too.  :)  Not only has Zane grown taller, his personality has grown right along with him and he chatted with me throughout the session, hammed it up for the camera and helped make his little sister laugh.  Aven is absolutely adorable, with big blue eyes, chubby cheeks and a precious smile!  Thanks, Zane and Aven, for making this one so much fun!

LR 15-05 Pearl-2473 copyLR 15-05 Pearl-2455 copy LR 15-05 Pearl-2459 copyLR 15-05 Pearl-2430 copy

LR 15-05 Pearl-2503 copy

Although I was going for a shot of Aven here, I saved the uncropped version, too, because it was just so cute!

LR 15-05 Pearl-2467 copy LR 15-05 Pearl-2467 copy



LR 15-05 Pearl-2394 copy
I just realized (from the burning in my cheeks!) I’ve been smiling the entire time I’ve been working on these!!!  “Adorable” just doesn’t describe these two!

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