It’s that time again!

I haven’t talked much about the farm happenings, lately, mostly because there hasn’t been anything very interesting going on (unless you count the fact that every month or so our cow decides she wants to go out on a date with me.  I’m still not completely over my fear of cows, and her attempted love affair isn’t helping.  ;))  But kidding season is now upon us, and a few days ago, we came home to find that one of our goats had given birth, and another was in labor!  Interestingly, we couldn’t at first determine who had actually given birth, as two different goats were licking and “talking” to the babies, and the kids were even nursing on them both.  In fact, the goat we eventually decided couldn’t be the mom (no signs that she’d given birth) kept trying to keep the real mom away from the kids!  We were able to get it all sorted out, though, and we now have four baby goats to love on – three boys and a girl!  None of them are good enough to participate in the Milk Enough Project, so they’ll all be sold as pets soon (including one of the mommas, as we’re focusing hard on production this year,) but in the meantime, they sure are fun to have around!!!

Here are Peppy’s kids.  Peppy was the first little goat born on our farm (the one who, if you recall, used to let herself into the house any time the door was open!)  She’ll be sold with her doeling this year, (the bucks will be sold separately) and I know she’s going to make someone a great little pet!

20150513-DSC_291420150513-DSC_2971 20150513-DSC_2985 20150513-DSC_2997

And this is Spats’s little boy:


I love kidding season!!!

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