It’s a girl!!!

No no, we haven’t had another baby (I ought to be getting pregnant any time now, though.)  ;)  It’s a girl kid.  Well, that doesn’t help, does it?  A baby girl GOAT.  Whew!

Mini Pearl gave birth today to three adorable babies, two bucklings and a little doe.  I’m super excited about the little doeling, as I was hoping keep a girl from Pearl this year.  Pearl is one of our best milk goats (she ranks a close second to Sudoku) and she was bred to our best buck (his lines include three ADGA top five most productive milk producers and two of them hold records for longest lactation, highest milk production.  His grandsire (Rosasharn’s Epic) brought a record price of $8,700 (no, I didn’t add an extra zero) at the 2011 ADGA National Convention Spotlight sale and is the highest selling buck in the ADGA Spotlight Sale for the past 15 years.  [To read about how we were blessed with this amazing guy, click HERE.])

If you’ll recall, out of over 10 (I can’t remember the number exactly) live births, we only had THREE doelings born last year and ALL of them were promised to others (although the family we promised two does to graciously accepted one of our bucklings, so we got to keep one of them (we’re breeding her right now!)  This year we have two promised already, so I’m going to need at least one of our other goats to give us another girl so I can keep this one, but we still have three more goats left to kid, so I’m hopeful.  :)

This is our cute little blue eyed buckling:

20150514-DSC_3006 20150514-DSC_3025

A pretty cream colored buckling (he looks dark here for some reason, he’s pictured below and you can really see how light he is):

20150514-DSC_3036And our little girl:

20150514-DSC_3047 20150514-DSC_3045

Her registry name will be Faithful w/Little JPL Emerald and we’ll call her “Emmie.”

(If you’re interested in knowing how we name our goats, “Faithful w/Little” is our registration name, “JPL” are the initials for her sire’s name [Jasper Pine Legacy] and we try to choose names have something to do with their dam’s name [Mini Pearl] and (if we can manage it) start with the registration letter corresponding to their birth year [this year is “E” – hence, “Emerald.”]  This makes it easier to remember who is who.  For instance, I’m registering another buckling whose owner wanted to name him Honey Boy.  His dam is named Scotch and his sire is Jasper Pine Genesis, so I’ll be registering him “Faithful w/Little JPG Highland Honey Boy” (though technically his name should start with a D, as he was born in 2013, it was just too difficult to come up with something that correlated to “Scotch” AND started with D!)  If either of these bucklings get registered, he’ll be named E. Haw (Mini Pearl?  E. Haw?  Get it?)  :)

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