Let patience have it’s perfect work…



I feel like the kids are all just being mean to each other, lately, and I know they’re getting it from me!  If I were on a TV show, I wouldn’t let the kids watch!

I said this to Jon just a few nights ago.  In the midst of the fifteen different kind of crazy we’ve had going on, lately, I’ve been impatient, easily frustrated, and just altogether grumpy.  And my kids, who’ve always gotten along so well, are starting to bicker and fight and complain.  Today, a friend told me that her daughter had been inspired by how “loving and patient” my children always are to each other, and I was truly humbled, because if there is anything we have not been lately, it’s loving and patient!

A long time ago, a wise older mom of many was telling me that during the first few years of her children’s lives, she’d struggled with her temper.  I couldn’t believe she’d ever struggled this way, but she assured me she had!  Often.  I asked her how she’d managed to raise such great kids despite this, and she told me that the most important thing she’d ever done was ask her kids for forgiveness whenever they saw her behaving in ungodly ways.  And so tonight I apologized to my kids, and I asked them to help me be better, and help each other be better.  I asked them to “turn me off” when they started hearing things from me that I wouldn’t allow them to watch on TV!  We all had a good laugh over that, but I meant it, too!  It’s easy to censor what you allow your kids to watch on the screen… much more difficult to censor what comes out of your own mouth.  Thankfully, I have pretty awesome kids who know the value of forgiveness.

But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.  – Philippians 3:13

Thank God for second chances!  (And third, and fourth, and….)

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