The Fix-It Brothers

My boys are awesome!  For the past two days they’ve been weed-eating the fence line because they wanted to (and I’m so glad they did, because it’s been needing it desperately!)  When I couldn’t figure out how to work the weed-eater, they figured it out on their own!  Then today, our washing machine was leaking and they’d been asking if they could fix it, so I finally decided to let them try after explaining all the safety precautions to take.  Sure enough, they found the problem and our washer is working again!  A few weeks ago, they fixed the sink drain and before that, they fixed the toilet.  They’ve been telling me that when they get older they want to go into business together – they already have their name picked out… “The Fix-it Brothers!”  I must say, it’s awfully nice to live with the Fix-it Brothers… they don’t charge their momma for their services.

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