Playing with Bees

This is one of those posts I desperately wish I’d taken my camera for.  Today, we got to visit a friend’s house who is offering us some bees for our farm!  Not only did he spend a great deal of time teaching us about them and telling us how to care for them, but he broke open two of the hives and let us handle them!  There I was, no gloves, no bee suit and at one point not even a face mask, holding a comb full of crawling, buzzing bees!!!  The kids got to come right up to them, look into the hives, and even see the baby bees!  I’ve always loved bees, and always wanted to keep them so to say I’m excited is a severe understatement!  I can’t WAIT to add bees to our farm, and we’ve decided to sell another of our goats to offset the cost of the equipment we’ll need to care for them.  As much as I was lamenting the frustrating aspects of caring for goats the other day, I love having an animal here who can not only turn grass into milk and meat, but also fencing, alpacas… and bees!!!

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