Goats for sale!

I took some pictures of the baby goats we’re offering for sale today.  My plan is to offer Scotch‘s doeling, but if she doesn’t sell soon I may offer another from our best doe, Sudoku.  Keeping Scotch’s kid was a leap of faith for us, anyway, as her worm resistance isn’t great and we’ve never gotten her to produce anywhere near the 3-4lbs she was producing every day at her old home.  We had the room, so I figured we’d give her a try, but if we can trade her for bee equipment, I’ll be very happy to let her go!

Here is Scotch’s girl, looking just like her sire, Genesis:


And Sudoku’s girl, who looks also looks just like her sire, Legacy:

I’d like to hang on to Sudoku’s kid, as Sudoku has the best parasite resistance on our farm, gives the most milk, and consistently throws triplets and quads.  We’d like to keep as many does from her as possible, so I’m really hoping Scotch’s baby will sell soon!


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