Not just words

Not long ago, I witnessed a beautiful exchange on facebook.  Two women were having a disagreement about something and the way my friend handled the argument was beautiful.  Kind and full of grace, she managed to present her opinion without sarcasm while acknowledging the strengths of the other individual and left the other person feeling uplifted instead of attacked (or so it seemed to me.)  She showed love in action, even while standing by her opinions, and I was impressed.

But me?  When someone disagrees with me, especially over an issue I believe is very important, I come out with claws sharpened, armed with scorn, indignation and a hefty dose of sarcasm.

Several years ago, a friend, “speaking truth in love,” told me that I was hateful.  She kindly and lovingly alerted me to the fact that whenever I became passionate about a subject we disagreed on, I utilized words in an unkind way.  It’s something I’ve fought very hard to overcome since then, but still find myself slipping into all too often.  Just the other day, I was thinking of the power of words.  I need to use them better.

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