Can you believe we sold Scotch’s little girl in just one day?!  Within an hour of posting her for sale, I had an inquiry that turned into a purchase!  We’ve decided to go ahead and offer Sudoku’s girl for sale, too, because we found out today that we’re going to be getting more bees than originally planned!!!  We’re sooo excited about that!

Jon and the boys finished building the temporary chicken coop today.  Up till now the chickens have been living in a chain-link dog pen and we really needed to get them out of there so that we could start putting the baby goats in there at night.  We allow the doelings we keep to self-wean, but starting around 4 weeks (we’re late this year!) we start taking them from their mothers at night, so that we can get all the milk in the morning before letting them back in with their mothers during the day.  That means we get less milk at night, of course, but we feel it’s worth it for super healthy kids!  The new coop will temporarily house the laying hens and we’ll move it around the yard for a while, letting them scratch up next year’s HUGE garden spot.  Eventually, we’ll build a more permanent coop for the laying hens, and a much lighter, portable coop for future meat birds.  Then we’ll re purpose this as a goat house, or maybe a house for baby chicks.

not pretty, but functional!

After that was finished, Jon and I walked down to the bluff.  We’re trying to figure out a way to get to the valley below and think we might have found one, but we’ve been warned that there are very few places in this area where it can be climbed both down AND back up again.  The good thing about having a pasture that backs up to a cliff is that predators can’t get into our pasture from that area.  The bad thing is that we can’t access the rest of our land!  This is something we’d like to change!



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