Baby Chick!

“Mama Buff” stayed on her nest after all, and this morning we got our first baby chick!  It’s a little Penedesenca, the only one we’ll have from this clutch, as the rest under her are Ameraucana eggs.  The others are due to hatch in the next day or two, so we pulled this chick and brought her in, just in case the other eggs didn’t come soon enough and Mama Buff decided to leave the nest with her baby.  Thankfully, she’s a good mama so when the time comes, we’ll just sneak this little girl (guy?) back under her to raise, and we we’ll have all the benefits of baby chicks and none of the hassle.  I love broody hens!

Bitty has already given her a name (we can always count on Bitty to name things,) so allow me to introduce you to Buttercup:

001 baby chick



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