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We spent some time putting together another pen this afternoon.   We decided to build a new night-time shelter for the mama goats, since we just wormed three of our does and needed everyone to have a fresh spot when they got back together tonight.  I’ve been a little irritated lately about the fact that we don’t have anything set up permanently on our farm… every time we think we have the next long-term solution for whatever thing we happen to be dealing with, things change again, and we’re hit with something new that puts a wrench in all our well-laid plans.  But today as I was building (yet another!) shelter, I realized… maybe we’re not supposed to have it all figured out.  See, I have this idea that if we could JUST get things set up “correctly,” everything will always run smoothly and farming will just consist of going out to move a few fence lines and milk a few critters each morning.  But today I had an epiphany: maybe farming isn’t about minimal inputs.  Maybe one of the things that makes farming worthwhile is the fact that it takes time and effort.  Maybe one of the things that makes it meaningful is that we have the privilege of going out there every day to work and sweat and do something that is about more than just ourselves and our own comfort.  Maybe in working together we’re building more than just shelters and growing more than just vegetables.


On a somewhat related note, I almost killed our baby chick today.  I had no idea she’d gotten out of her box and when she saw me in the garage she came running over.  I felt a tickle on my foot, and kicked HARD to dislodge what I thought was a giant bug crawling on me!  Thankfully, she wasn’t fully on top of my foot, so when I kicked, she slid sideways and she’s okay.  But I hate to think of what would have happened had she been in the wrong spot!  How could I have ever told the kids?!  I kicked your baby chick across the garage… and now she’s dead???!!!  Ugh.  So Buttercup got a new house today, too… an escape-proof box!

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