For the past two years my dad, Richard, and his wife, Janice, have come down to visit and take us all on vacation.  To say this is a blessing is a severe understatement… vacations are not exactly in the budget for us right now, and having my dad and his wife do this for us is… it’s indescribable.  My dad has always been big on travel and adventure and some of my best childhood memories are of our yearly family vacations… rafting in Tennessee, water parks in Florida, snorkeling in Hawaii, swimming, horseback riding, making sand castles, braving the biggest water slide ever with my dad but being too chicken to go down it a second time.  And now, thanks to Dad and Janice, not only do I get to re-live some of that childhood again with my dad, my children get to experience it with him, too!  And it’s just beyond wonderful.

Here’s Dad, overlooking the Cumberland River on last year’s vacation (back when I was pregnant and wasn’t getting much blogging [or anything else] done):


His beautiful wife, Janice:

And my aunt Rhonda (who looks exactly like she did when I was a little girl… seeing her was like stepping back in time!):


We stayed in a beautiful cabin:

LR DSC_5458 LR DSC_5476 LR DSC_5486

We went horseback riding (no pictures of that… I was too busy trying not to fall off… It had been waaaaay too long since I’d been on a horse and of course, I just had to choose the biggest one!)

and zip lining:

LR DSC_5656 LR DSC_5655 LR DSC_5625 LR DSC_5611
Hiking (no pictures of that, either.  I was just trying not to die!)

But my dad got a beautiful picture of the falls:


and the rainbow:


and the kids checking it all out:


We also went fishing!

LR DSC_5427 LR DSC_5421 LR DSC_5435 LR DSC_5556

And Bunchkin caught a fish with her bare hands!  I don’t have a picture of it, though, because it’s on our other computer and I’m too lazy to go transfer it.

This year, we all went to Lake Cumberland and the first day we were there we walked an absolutely gorgeous trail.  I didn’t get any good pictures of the scenery, though.  I was too busy getting pictures of my kids.  They’re way more gorgeous.

LR 20150419-DSC_2138 LR 20150419-DSC_2142

Bitty and Bunchkin took turns carrying the baby throughout the entire trail, just because they wanted to.  They’re troopers!  I’m pretty sure Baby (who as of now has about fifteen nicknames, so I’ll just call her “Baby” until we settle on one!) was asleep in this picture:

LR 20150419-DSC_2106

The next day, we spent the entire afternoon riding pontoon boats on the lake:

LR 20150420-DSC_2184 LR 20150420-DSC_2211 LR 20150420-DSC_2208

The boys both got a chance to drive the boats:

LR 20150420-DSC_2348

look, no hands!

We fished:

LR 20150420-DSC_2311

But didn’t catch anything.  We rarely catch anything.

LR 20150420-DSC_2306

But we have fun trying!

LR 20150420-DSC_2243


As I was uploading these photos, the kids were standing beside me, looking and commenting on all the pictures:

“That vacation was fun.”

“I love vacation.”

“I miss that vacation.  I miss all the vacations.”

“I miss Grandpa.”

“And Ms. Janice.”

“I miss Aunt Rhonda.”

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.


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