Milking Time

I thought you might like to see pictures of our very high-tech and sophisticated milking process…

1.  Open the gate and send the goats (and the cow) running.


006 mt7Sorry, Gwenny, you have to wait till next year.

006 milk time gwenny


but we still love you

008 gwenny

2. Guide in the stragglers who get lost along the way. 

006 mt5 They’ve only been milked in the same spot for over two months now, so it’s perfectly understandable that they forget where they’re supposed to go every now and then single night.

3.  Get the first two goats on the stands and ready for milking

006 milk time2
While the others wait patiently (or not) for their turn

006 milk time 34.  Catch the babies and take them to the Baby Goat Playground for the night:

006 mt65.  Milk!

006 milk time(We wouldn’t normally milk into plastic containers… this is Spats, who got wormed this week, so her milk is going to the cats.)

And there you have it!


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