A new job for the Fix-It Brothers!

Recently, my mom, Nancy, gifted the boys with a push mower.  They’d been saving for several months in the hopes of buying a broken one and when she found out about it, she offered up a functioning mower that was languishing in her garage.  Daddy and the boys sharpened the blades, changed the oil and put some gas in it and the boys have been on cloud nine for two days.

Between them and the girls (who had to have a turn, of course,) they’ve almost finished our entire yard (about an acre!) and begged me to let them take charge of mowing each week.  The kids assure me they’ll all take turns and that “there are so many of [us,] no one will get too tired!”  I guess they have a good point, there!  So the Fix-It Brothers, with a little help from the Milking Sisters, are taking over!

Shmooey carved up the yard into sections:

013 mowing3

so everyone gets a turn:

013 mowing4
It’s very serious work:

013 mowing5

I love having Fix It Brothers in the family!

013 mowing


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