Facebook Fail

This is a post I didn’t want to have to write, on a subject I’ve been trying to ignore, push away, pretend like it’s no big deal, let go of and move on from…

But apparently I’m incapable of doing so because every time I tell myself I’m going to do what I feel like God is telling me to do, I find another reason not to.  And now I’m just mad about it, and anger is a pretty powerful motivator for me, even if it means I have to eat a big ole’ slice of humble pie.  So here goes…

I apologize for my recent facebook posts on abortion.  Not for the sentiments behind them – for those I am completely, unashamedly, absolutely unapologetic for.  For the posts themselves, I am also completely, unashamedly, absolutely unapologetic for.  But Lord help me, I can’t seem to enter into this conversation without acting like a complete and utter jerk.  In fact, that can be said of me regarding a lot of posts on subjects ranging from abortion to minimum wage to baby koala bears (okay, maybe not baby koala bears, but if I could think of something controversial about fuzzy marsupials, I’m sure I’d argue about that, too.)

So I’m done posting on controversial subjects.  Not because these things don’t need to be said (they do,) and not because the message doesn’t need to get out there (it does) but because I seem incapable of helping to spread that message without becoming hateful.  And if I can’t do it in love, then it doesn’t need to be done.  At least, not by me.

So to my facebook friends, I apologize.  To those who were a party to my sarcasm and unkindness, I apologize.  I can’t think of too many worse things to do with social media than get into petty arguments on facebook … except having to apologize for getting into petty arguments on facebook.

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