I swear, I’m not making them do it

In case you missed my last post, the kids have been push-mowing our very big yard for two days because they want to.  Which is fine, except that we have a large family and one of the common accusations leveled at big families is that the kids are “forced” to work all the time.  And our house sits right off a main road.  So my very large family of somewhat smallish children is out there for all the world to see, taking turns push mowing our almost-one-acre yard.  And now they’ve decided to rake up all the grass that the push mower leaves behind.  Because they want to.  So while one child is busy doing this:

014 rakingthe other two children are doing this:

014 raking2which prompted me to write this:

014 raking3

Maybe it’s time to buy a TV.

eye spy: can you spot the little boy mowing in this picture?

eye spy: can you spot the little boy mowing this giant yard?

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