Aug 21, 2015: Seven Quick Takes

seven quick takes friday 2



Gwenny left yesterday to spend a couple of months on a friend’s property with her cows and, more importantly, a jersey bull.  Is it totally weird that I miss her, and that I’ve already texted my friend to see how she’s settling in?  I can’t help it… she’s an only cow.

001 Gwen & Pook

001 Gwenny2


This week, I’ve had no less than 7,639 conversations with my two year old that have gone exactly like this:

“Is this blue?”
“No, it’s green.”
“No.  It’s blue.”

“Is this my shirt?”
“No, it’s Pookie’s.”
“No.  It’s mine.”

Tell me, please… if she already knew the answer (and she can’t be convinced that she’s wrong,) then why-oh-why is she asking the question???


Remember the orphaned stolen baby chick?  The kids have started feeding her flies, which, although a little bit gross, is also pretty awesome because we have flies ALL. OVER. this house (using the garage right off the kitchen as a milk barn might have something to do with that.).  Yay for orphaned stolen baby chicks!

019 fly


Did you notice that flyswatter?  That’s one of them fancy shmansy swatters from circa 1960 or so, with frills and lace and everything.  It even has it’s own home on the wall:

024 swatter

My house is so stylish.


We have two new additions to our farm…

024 kittens

Isn’t that so incredibly exciting?  Please, oh please, won’t somebody contact me to let me know they’ve been dying to adopt a kitten and they think our kittens are so cute and won’t we please please please let them have one – no two! – kittens from our farm?

YES!  As a matter of fact we will!


Is there anything cuter than a little girl playing with dolls?

008 doodle

How about a little girl wearing her doll in a homemade “carrier?”

Or how about this:



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