A Relationship with God

Tonight, my oldest daughter (13) had this on her heart to write, and asked me to publish it here…

What really is a relationship with God?  Here is what I strongly believe:

God wants us to love Him.  Having a relationship is not about keeping commandments (although I believe we certainly should,) it’s about loving God with all your heart and really, truly seeking Him.  Trying to find His presence in everything, and trying to thank Him for everything.  It took me a long time to get there but in the end, it was simple…

I started out by asking Jesus to come into my heart and my home.  Then I started seeking His presence and thanking Him for the things He has truly blessed me with, even little things.  Like:  A kitchen table.  Or air conditioning.  Or even a closet or a dresser to put clothes in.  Really, you might be laughing, but what would you do if you didn’t have a closet, or a kitchen table?  And God is the one who has blessed you with those things, and that is why we should thank Him for those things.  Then, I started asking the Lord for little things.  The Bible says: “you have not because you ask not.”  Think about that for a second: “You HAVE not because you ASK not.”  Here are examples of little things:

I can’t find my shoes… Lord, help me find my shoes.
I am sleepy and really don’t want to do something… Lord, give me some energy
I can’t fix something… Lord, help me fix it.

Again, you might be laughing but the Bible says ” you have not because you ask not.”  Then, as God answers each one of these prayers, your relationship with Him will grow stronger because you’re learning to rely on Him.  You’re building trust with Him and working together with Him and that starts to build thankfulness.  You’re also learning to communicate with Him.  And over time, you start to really want to be around God and talk to Him all the time about everything.

God wants us to talk to Him and to love Him more and more each day and to seek Him out.  He becomes a friend you can talk to about anything… a friend who really has a relationship with you that will comfort you and be excited for you and love you no matter what.

Now I feel God’s presence so strongly that it has made me cry before, out of pure joy.  So that is what I believe what a true relationship with the Lord really is…. being able to communicate with God and have someone who loves you and is comforting to you.  This has been on my heart to share for a while and tonight I felt like God told me I should share it.




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