Losing our blogs

I’ve been feeling nostalgic, lately, about some of my favorite blogs.  Recently, my all-time favorite blogger, Ben Hewitt, decided to stop blogging and before that, I’d been re-reading another great blog (Losing Our Shirts) that is no longer active. Written by Nancy Chase, “Losing Our Shirts” chronicles her and her husband’s adventures on a historic farm breeding horses, sheep and many other critters.  Ben Hewitt writes about everything from baling hay to unschooling his two boys with his wife, Penny.  I’ve read both of these blogs from beginning to end, as if they were novels…  the insights offered are inspiring and the stories of their adventures and struggles are fascinating.  Nancy is the reason I hope to have Icelandic sheep some day and Ben Hewitt has encouraged me in… countless things, most especially finding joy and contentment in the seemingly mundane, which he does, and writes about, so incredibly well.  It is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that my life has changed, for the better, because of the words of Ben Hewitt.

I’m struck once again by how powerful words are, how they have the ability to shape the lives of others, long after we’re no longer able to speak them.  I’m so thankful to Nancy Chase and Ben Hewitt.  Although I’ve never met them in person, I feel as if I knew them just a little bit, and that knowing has influenced me in countless ways.

Mrs. Chase, I don’t know why you stopped blogging, but I hope it is because you are just too busy and happy with your farm filled with beautiful creatures.  Mr. Hewitt, I respect your decision to stop blogging, but I want you to know: you will be missed.



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  1. I too was so sad that I will have less to read on a daily basis from Ben. And I also am inspired by him (as usual!) to live life more in the 3 dimensional person-to-person, person-to-nature reality! Thanks for introducing me to Losing Our Shirts!

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