Even the sparrow (and the alpaca)

I almost killed our alpaca today.  I was feeding them grain after moving them to a new paddock, and I think the grain I was giving them was too big because our female (new names revealed, below) started to choke.  We watched in horror as she stumbled around, trying to cough it up and eventually fell to the ground, neck outstretched and mouth wide open.  For a moment, we just stood there, dumbstruck and horrified.  Then I ran over, threw my arms around her and started praying “God… please just DISSOLVE IT!  Just make it dissolve and disappear!”  We lay like that for a while and I wasn’t sure whether she was breathing or not.  The she lifted her head.  A few seconds later, she was up and eating grass, like nothing at all had happened.



“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
– Albert Einstein

Thank you, God.


PS.  Jon decided right then that the alpaca’s new names would be David (which he’s been calling the male, after David Bowie, despite my protests) and Dorcus (whom Peter raised from the dead [Acts 9:36-42])  Until his declaration, the winners of our naming contest were my dad, Richard, and his wife, Janice, for their submission: “Dandi” and “Lion” (you guys will still get the prizes, Jon totally cheated.)  ;)  Since I really dislike the names David and Dorcus (poor girl!) but Jon will never, ever want to call them anything else again, I think they’ll probably just be referred to from here on out as “The Boy” and “The Girl, Thank God She’s Alive.”

021 alpacas

David (aka Lion, aka Wakefield aka The Boy)

021 alpacas2

Dorcus (aka Dandi aka Queenie aka The Girl Thank God She’s Alive)


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