“We’re All Wrong” is a good place to start

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A Chinese Christian recently visited the United States and toured churches here. At the end of the trip he was asked what he thought about American spirituality. He answered, “I am amazed at how much the church in America can accomplish without the Holy Spirit.”


I was speaking with a friend about my recent article on homosexuality.  As we spoke, he gently suggested that my statement “we’re all wrong” is a horrible conclusion.  But it’s an excellent premise.

A horrible conclusion, , because it is essentially just the making of excuses.  An excellent premise because it makes one refocus on what is necessary.

What do we do, when we realize that we’re wrong?  What do we do when we realized that there is no avoiding being wrong about some of the things we believe?  If our starting point is the knowledge that we’re going to be wrong, where do we go from there?

We start by doing the things that Jesus told us to do.

We give to the poor
We visit those in prison
We care for the orphans
We care for the widows
We feed the hungry
We heal the sick
We raise the dead

Because those are the things that Jesus commanded us to do.  And those are the things we cannot do well (or at all) without Him.  We start with the basic things.  And we pray.  We surrender ourselves to Him, we lay ourselves at His feet, and we do the very next thing He tells us to do, and the very next thing after that.

Because yes, we’re all wrong.

But He isn’t.


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