The cop on the beat

Recently, I wrote about my parent’s courtship and the role my grandfathers (the cop and the mafia man) played in it, and I’d like to start sharing other stories that have been passed down through my family over the years, for my children and my family’s children to look back on and their children’s-children to discover (Family: please provide me with more stories!)  Here is another one about my paternal grandfather (Abuelo), as told by my Aunt Lisa (who has an amazing story of her own that I’d like to share some day) …

There was a little old lady my Dad would run into every Saturday while he walked his Police beat in Ybor City. They shared a fondness for each other.

One Saturday Dad ran into her and noticed that she was not feeling well. After asking her a few questions and erring on the side of caution, he paid for a taxi to drive her to the nearest hospital. Sometime during her stay in the hospital she wrote this poem. She was so excited to be able to personally hand to my Dad the day he surprised her with a hospital visit.

For the rest of his life, my Abuelo would share this story and recite this poem to me every time I came to visit.  It was one of his most prized possessions:

034 cop on the beat

Here’s all of the best
to the cop on the beat
with his flashlight in hand
as he walks down the street.

With his friendly hello
always wearing a smile
but right on the job
all of the while.

He will help you in trouble
I know, oh so well
for he helped me once
when I had a weak spell.

And if I die tomorrow
where ever I go
my life was made better
by this cop that I know.

And the angles in heaven
will look down with delight
at this dear little cop
that we all know as Mike.


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