Seven Quick Takes: Oct 3, 2015

seven quick takes friday 2

Fall is upon us, and we have so much to be thankful for…


Pears on the trees:

038 pears


A new chicken tractor that friends drove all the way from Indiana to gift to us.

038 chicken coop(3)

A new goat on the farm (a friend’s Alpine/Toggenburg we get to borrow every now and then… someone please remind me why we chose miniatures, again?)

038 goat


First kills:

Shmooey got a squirrel right through the eye with a 22 rifle…

038 squirrel

And a week later, Little Brother got a teeny tiny chipmunk with a head shot, and Shmooey got two more squirrels!

038 squirrel2

Bundle got her first kill, too, taking down a squirrel through the eye while it was running.  She skinned it (herself!) before we could get a picture.

My kids got SKILLZ.


First batches of soap:

038 soap2


Made by adorable soap makers:

038 soap1


Rocking out with Nana’s old Elvis gospel record on an awesome stereo system gifted to us by Aunt Elisa and Uncle Chris:

037 elvis


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