Seven Years of blogging: 17 Random Things

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While some people process their thoughts by talking them out with friends, I process mine by mentally vomiting all over the keyboard and into cyberspace, and as of last month I’ve been doing so for seven whole years!  A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I sat down and asked each other some “getting to know you” questions and I thought it might be fun to share some of the answers (and other things) with you here.  I figured it would be a good way for you to celebrate my seven years of blogging, having so recently discovered just how fascinating I am.  My friend is fascinating, too, but whatever, she can get her own blog.  So in honor of my seventh year of contributing to and advising you in all aspects of your life, here are seven(teen) random things about me:


1.)  According to my five year old, my most unusual morning ritual is getting out of bed and then getting right back into it again.

2.)  I am currently illustrating a children’s book that God gave to me in a dream.  I hope to publish it soon and share it with you.

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3.)  Despite the fact that I’ve been taking pictures for years and my work has been featured in international magazines, I still get nervous every time I step behind the camera.

4.)  When my oldest daughter was born, we thought she was going to be a boy.  Although we were thrilled with our little girl (I’d even prayed for a daughter), my husband and I also went through a period of grief and mourned the loss of our “son.”  I still feel like I have a son named Matthias out there somewhere.

5.)  I know how to change my own car tires.  That knowledge was hard earned.

6.)  The room of my house that most reflects my personality is my kitchen, because it is usually messy, there is always so much going on in there and the results of both my mental and my meal-making activities are often disastrous.


7.)  I ration the number of times I listen to songs that I like, for fear that if I listen to them too many times I won’t like them anymore.

8.)  I’m constantly having in-depth conversations with myself and hate it when I’m interrupted.

9.)  I once called 911 to tell the cops to be on the look out for… a car.

10.)  But that’s not my most embarrassing moment.  My most embarrassing moment was the time I won a game of “pin the tail on the donkey” against my children and all their very young friends.  In a room full of adult onlookers (all of whom, I might ad, very carefully avoided getting that tail anywhere near the… ahem… ass [sorry, couldn’t resist,]) I proudly nailed that sucker and beat them all.  I may have a teeny tiny competitive streak.

(Actually, come to think of it, my most embarrassing moment may have been the time I got an expensive haircut.  Or maybe it’s the time I showed up for a photo shoot on the wrong day.  I think they’re all equally mortifying.)

11.) I am horrible at doing “mom” things.  I don’t like baking with my kids, because I’m too worried about following the recipe and concentrating very, very hard on not messing things up.  I also don’t like board games or playing outside or reading books out loud.  Thankfully, Jon is great at all of these things and even likes doing them.  So he often handles the “mom” things while I sneak away to read books (quietly.)

12.)  I love dogs in theory but have yet to own one that didn’t require more work than I was actually willing to do.

13.)  I have a tattoo on the middle toe of my left foot.  It looks like a great big smudge of dirt. Very classy.


(Of all the body parts I chose to showcase when I was a lithe young 20-something I chose my dirty, hairy, size-ten feet?!!!!)

14.)  I’m an extreme introvert with a dash of insecurity and I prefer a few days notice before making in-person contact, just so I can prepare myself for all the stress of face-to-face conversation.  I hide behind friends at social functions involving people I don’t know and I really, really dislike it when people “drop by.”  Please, for the love of introverts everywhere, never – EVER – “drop by!”

15.)  I’m a good shot with a .45 Beretta Cougar.  Oh, and did I mention that I dislike it when people drop by?  ;)

16.)  I learned from a very early age that when things got hard in relationships it was easier to just walk away.  I’ve built walls around my heart that are virtually impenetrable and have severely damaged relationships with almost everyone I love.  My deepest regrets are how I treated my family members during an especially dark time in my life, and how I treated one of my very best friends when I let fear separate us and didn’t communicate openly with her about what was going on in my life and in my head.  I worry that we’ll never be as close as we once were and that breaks my heart.  I am learning how to communicate, but it is still very difficult for me.

17.)  I’ve always wanted to swim with sharks.  Dolphins, too, but sharks, especially.  I have trust issues.


Thanks for reading and celebrating 7 years with me!


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