Seven Quick Takes: October 17, 2015

I am so very thankful for….


Husbands who do the parent-y things that I don’t like to do:  I was enjoying a leisurely Sabbath, taking part in my favorite activity (sitting in an empty house, reading a good book) when I heard Jon outside yelling at the kids.  He doesn’t often raise his voice, and he sounded angry, so I was alarmed.  I paused to listen and realized that he and the kids were reenacting Apollo 13, which we’d watched together last night.  I am so thankful to have a husband who does all the parent-y things!

(To top it off, he later went and read a book on Apollo 13, so he could get the role “just right.”  Best. Dad. Ever.)

044 jon and kids043 apollo


The TV with which we watched said movie, given to us by the same friends who drove all the way from Indiana to gift us with a chicken tractor.  They surprised us yesterday by showing up at our door with a television!  I repeat: my friends drove all the way from Indiana two weeks ago to gift us with a chicken tractor, and then drove all the way from Indiana again this week to gift us with a television!!!!  There are no words.

044 tv

Mike and Connie, please note that this TV has been here for approximately 24 hours and already has fingerprints on it. Also note the blu-ray player: we pulled it out of storage and didn’t even bother to clean it off.  Your dust and our dust, mingling together.  We like it that way.


Friends who ignore my dislike of “drop by’s” and come over unannounced, anyway. After reading my Seven Years of Blogging post, a friend reminded me that the first time she and I met, it was because she had dropped by my house, unannounced.  A few days later, she was speaking with a mutual friend who told her it was a good thing she did drop by, because if she’d waited for me to agree to a get-together we’d never have met.  And… well… that’s probably almost definitely true.  So I’d like to officially extend the invitation: if we’ve never met, please feel free to drop by.  (That’s probably the only way to ensure we ever will meet, unless you start stalking me, which would be weird and uncomfortable.  Meeting someone for the first time is also weird and uncomfortable, so either way works for me.)  And if you are a good friend-practically family who happens to be in the neighborhood, please feel free to drop by, because I love you and you love me and I know you won’t mind if I answer the door in my pajamas.  And if you’re one of my sweet neighbors who express their Southern hospitality in this inexplicable “dropping by” thing… well, okay, you can drop by, too.  Just know that I make no excuses for the state of my house, my clothing (or lack thereof), or my pitiful in-person conversational skills.  But if you do happen to have access to a phone…


Our wonderful home.  I cannot begin to express what a blessing our new home has been… For about $100 more than we were paying at our old place, we have almost twice the square footage, three times as much acreage, a barn, a separate place for milking, a garage for my husband to tinker in, woods for the kids to hunt and explore in and a second kitchen.  I repeat: a second kitchen.  Can you even fathom what a blessing that is, to a family of ten?!  I feel so unworthy of so many blessings, I pray that we will be good stewards of these things!  I am so, so thankful.

044 soap

the girls, making their second batch of soap in the kitchen downstairs

the milking "barn"

our new milking “barn”

Dandi... er... Dorcus

Dandi… er… Dorcus

a kitten, in a pot

a kitten, in a pot



A new job!  It looks like it’s really going to happen, I’m just waiting for my scheduling request to be approved!


Libraries.  Thank God for libraries.  I have read so many amazing books over the last few weeks, including:

Dearing Greatly, Brene Brown
Traveling Mercies, Anne Lamott
Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert
Carry on, Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton

One of these days I’d like to do a review on some of these, but it would be best if you don’t wait around for that to happen – just check them out… you won’t be sorry!

045 bks


My wonderful, beautiful amazing photography clients.  Photography has been my only (paid) job since my first child was born, almost 14 years ago.  You guys have been such a huge part of our lives – purchasing mini sessions you didn’t even need just because you knew we were in need, scheduling regular sessions exactly when they were most helpful, and cheering me on every step of the way.  Some of you have been with me since the beginning, and it has been a blessing to see your children and your families grow.  My new job won’t affect my photography at all, so I’m not leaving that behind by any stretch of the imagination, but I just wanted to say “thank you” for all you’ve done for us over the years.  You have all been such a blessing in our lives!

044 pictures

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