Theology: as taught by my children

Shmooey met some new friends today, and as we were on the way home, he was telling me about one of them.  Apparently, his new friend’s name is The Savior (Xavier) and he lives in “Exhaustive Nowhere” (apparently named so by his dad because they don’t have access to a lot of typical services, like cell phones, etc.)  Considering the fact that God dwells inside our hearts, this makes a certain amount of sense…. The Savior, living in Exhaustive Nowhere.

When I got home, my husband told me that the other kids (who recently got to watch the musical Godspell, which I performed in as a teen) also had an interesting theological conversation while I was gone:

Doodle: “Jesus died across a chair.”
BeeBoy: “No he didn’t!  He was ratchet tied to a fence!”

I think, maybe, we have some explaining to do.


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