Seven Quick takes – October 28, 2015

Things I’m thankful for, this week…


Kids who understand what I’m talking about… “Oh!  Bundle!  Is the thing done?  The thing… you know, the whats-it-called thing?”


A brother who was willing to get up a 6:00 in the morning to drive me to his Alma Mater  so I could sign paperwork for my new job.  Afterward, he took me on a tour of UofL’s baseball facilities, where he’s still a local celebrity, his picture featured all over campus…


in the dugout


on the stadium wall


in a showcase, at a local restaurant


on the wall of fame

And in many other places!  Handsome, talented and willing to chauffeur his sister at 6:00 in the morning!


lr computer

A new computer!!!  A friend gave this to us, and it’s PERFECT for the kids to do their schoolwork on.  You may recall from this post that we already own two computers, but one of them is only used for photography work, so any day-to-day work I need to get done has, till now, been done on the computer I share with four kids who need it for school.  Now I can kick the kids off my little computer, freeing it up for important things like facebook and blogging. (#firstworldproblems, #yesimspoiled #dontjudgeme)


Wonderful, comfortable friends.  On the day of our counseling session, I asked my friend Michelle if I could grab something to eat at her house because we were running late and I hadn’t eaten all day.  She ended up sending me out with a packed lunch.  I haven’t had someone pack me lunch since middle school and it feels just like it used to… all filled with yummy food and love.


The view from my front porch.  Our neighbors were toying with the idea of selling the land across the street from us, and they’d had some interest from people wanting to develop it into a commercial property (specifically a boat storage facility!  Ugh!)  Instead, they ended up leasing it to someone who is putting it to use in the best possible way:

lr cows copy

cows3I love my new view!


Gwenny is home and hopefully bred thanks to the generosity of our new neighbors who not only kept her for two months with a rented bull, but didn’t charge us anything at all to care for her while she was gone!

lr gwen

my view of our yard. So blessed!


This old video I found when I was going through old computer files (turn your sound down!)

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